a day to appreciate

Today was a beautiful day. The humidity was down, the sun was out, the sky was light this evening and it just seemed very peaceful. The upper west side had plenty of people strolling as it often does and the cafes were pleasantly busy. Cooking is fun because of the numerous markets conveniently located in this area. But on such a day it’s lovely to eat out and be part of the atmosphere. Any time during the day there are people sitting leisurely most often with a book, not a newspaper. How interesting. I thought. Some people sipped wine, other people drank coffee and many salads were eaten throughout the day. The salads looked delicious and I wanted to lean in and take a little bite. I felt no stress in the air; some days are like that even in Manhattan. Cars were quieter. Honking seemed not to be in the noisy way it so often is.

In my corner of the world today it was a day to appreciate.

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