dan ho

Dan Ho, in a New York Times (19 October) article by Ginia Bellafante, is called “. . . an emerging prophet of household governance.” He has a new book, “Rescue From Domestic Perfection” and a new show scheduled for January on the Discovery Health channel. After reading the article, I have a feeling it’ll be informative and fun. There’s a tranquil feel about his look.
At forty he’s reinvented his personal and business way of living. He’s even lost 120 pounds in the process. He’ll talk fitness, too, on his show. His message is that we should be creative and use the things we have, and that perhaps the things we’ve stored can see daylight once again. If not, it’s time to give ’em up. I think he’s impressive. He once had stuff, lots of stuff. These days he says he’s free of all but the essentials. And he says he feels free. This article captured my attention. If his show is as interesting as the article about him was, get ready for a different viewpoint and a real treat.

I’ve decided to watch only movies, no television for one year. Therefore, his show will be out of my reach for now, but perhaps you’ll watch and let me know your feelings about The Dan Ho Show.