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ron teeguarden and dragon herbs

Ron Teeguarden’s Dragon Herbs Elixir Bar in Los Angeles seems like a powerful way to add energy to a day, it also looks like a place of beauty. Let’s pretend that we’re at the Elixir Bar and we’re toasting to all the ways there are in the world of keeping body, mind, and emotions healthy. […]

Failure is a first stop to success

I’m reading a book now that I find really inspiring. It’s called “The Secret of Success is Not a Secret” by Darcy Andries. It is a brilliant volume of condensed biographies, about individuals in the world from different places who succeeded beyond a multitude of failures. Not one failure, or two, some people seemed to […]

The Master Cleanse Experience… aka Lemonade Diet

Well it has been sometime since I have blogged, before the birth of our second baby, Clover Alessandra. This topic, however, has to be blogged about. I started the Master Cleanse diet this past Monday, January 29th, 2008. It is a 10 day(min) fast where you only consume liquids consisting of a lemonade concoction and […]

britney in the limelight

When I click on my laptop, news about Britney manages to surface, and from magazine racks in stores, pictures of Britney manage to surface. So many adult people writing, judging, and photographing her. Time to give it a rest? Let her find herself, so to speak. Are we really a society that takes so much […]

new york city and philadelphia

Do you need a reminder that the holidays are coming? Just teasing. Philadelphia is a sweet, doable city. And the information collected at this time as I’m trying to learn about this city is not necessarily written in stone. For instance, someone said there are no movie theaters in center city. But, as I walked […]

Chocoholics Unite!

This is the time of year the call of chocolate is too strong to resist! Why o why do I not have the power to resist chocolate and sweets in general. I think it could be hormonal… seems to be getting worse over the years. Dark, milk,white, cakes, cookies, ice cream — I will take […]

Motherhood for Me

Motherhood for me has been such an interesting journey and my son is only 18 months old as of yesterday Nov. 25th. I knew it would change me and change my life but I didn’t know it would add so many layers to my life. Before Sebastian was born I thought I already had a […]

My First Post on this thing called a Blog

What is the meaning of blog anyways… ok this is my first post and I feel like I need to write something life altering.  We have just finished a wonderful Thanksgiving in NC. I definitely ate way too much — need to look for redemption. I am hoping burn off the extra calories at my […]

dan ho

Dan Ho, in a New York Times (19 October) article by Ginia Bellafante, is called “. . . an emerging prophet of household governance.” He has a new book, “Rescue From Domestic Perfection” and a new show scheduled for January on the Discovery Health channel. After reading the article, I have a feeling it’ll be […]

strangers passing by

When walking along the streets of a big city or small town, you notice, if you’re not in a hurry, the expressions on the faces of the people you pass. The many different expressions are sweet, sad, determined, peaceful, tense, angry, kind, happy, depressed, compassionate, anxious, strong, tormented, loving, etc. Sometimes someone will pass whose […]

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