a big pancake and more

Often I would prepare and bake what’s called a big pancake. I really liked the recipe. Then I moved and the recipe was lost. The once-upon-a-time big pancake had few ingredients; still it seemed to scream “I’m delicious. I’m delicious.” as it was taken out of the oven. It was. And I remember the smiles greeting it when it was brought to the table. But I don’t remember recipes, so big pancake went the way of the wind.

Recently another attempt with a big pancake recipe failed. So I searched for recipes on the web. All of them are just a wee different, and that wee difference changes the taste and the look. Today, however, I think I found it. Yes, yes, I feel this is the one. If you want a treat check out www.thekitchn.com and type Big Pancake.

Along the way of the search I discovered these delightful websites, some consisting of stories about chefs and the foods that bring them joy. Want to know the correct way to say pesto? Eugenia Bone knows. www.sautewednesday.com/eugeniabone.html

Want to finally know how to make a really tasty gravy? Mark Bittman knows.

And then there’s James Beard; what’s not to like?

And when you’re out browsing don’t forget Laurie Colwin’s book, MORE HOME COOKING. Reading her essays on food allows you to go quietly into another world. Imagine you’re walking around, listening to her talk of the how-to of food, while she’s shopping for this ingredient and that ingredient. Some of your favorite recipes could possibly be in one of her books. Laurie Colwin was a writer for Gourmet magazine. Her books seem more and more appreciated as time passes.

It’s time for dinner. Have a delicious meal, and a beautiful evening.

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