all those unwanted medical mailings

I’ve discovered that subscribing to one medical newsletter opens the door to receiving a whole lot of unwanted medical “stuff ” – many having conflicting information. About a month ago I received a booklet in the mail, and on the cover was a photo of a terribly distressed colon. It took a second for me to tear it into shreds, and put it into the building’s big trash can full of unsolicited mailings. A photo of a colon doesn’t freak me out anymore; on the contrary, the colonic course I took in Florida taught the importance of being aware. I’ve seen many photos of colons screaming for help, so I don’t know why this particular photo conveyed a dark feeling. Dressing the booklet in a manila envelope would have been a nice touch; it wouldn’t have lessened its impact upon opening it, but I bet my mailman would have appreciated it.

For now, I’ve come to the conclusion that were a subscriber to accept as truth, any one medical newsletter (at least the pile in my possession), and do what’s suggested: 1.) they’d quickly be in the poorhouse, 2.) have no time for anything else, and, 3.) end up more confused than before. Why end up confused? Well, it’s this: other health revelations come along, and what you once thought was solid information is gone with the wind, or, in order to be 100% effective it needs this other important something that’s just been discovered. I suppose for some it’s enjoyable. Their mind can wrap around the overflow that’s out there, and easily assimilate, discard (or not), and continue.

For me it’s time for a breather, the feeling of wanting to know more of what’s what in that enormous pool of medical news has, for now, been diluted. On a rainy day, late night, or when waiting for a friend, I’ll be reading about the power of gin soaked raisins in this fun to read, yes, fun! – book, HEALING REMEDIES by Joan Wilen and Lydia Wilen – MORE THAN 1,000 WAYS to RELIEVE the SYMPTOMS or COMMON AILMENTS, from ARTHRITIS and ALLERGIES to DIABETES, OSTEOPOROSIS, and MANY OTHERS! Oh, yes, nature’s gifts are also amazing.

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