park slope, brooklyn

If I lived in Park Slope I might be a wee bit heavier. How can it not be that way when there are so many small high-quality speciality eating establishments. Walking along 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th Avenues, and meandering over to all the other neighborhoods bordering Park Slope, is a feast for the eyes. It’s a trip to eating paradise having only one problem: deciding on which direction to walk.

Once upon a time Manhattan had many butcher shops, and most went the way of many of its wonderful small bookshops; they disappeared. Now Park Slope has its very own butcher shop. The reason butcher shops are important is because butchers have knowledge, skill with the “right” knife, and tips for their customers that open up a whole new way of cooking. It’s rare to find that kind of personal attention in the meat departments of those very cold and very, very large supermarkets. So, here’s to: Fleisher’s of Kingston, NY and their Grass-Fed and Organic Meats at 192 Fifth Avenue (at Sackett Street), Park Slope, Brooklyn, ph: 718-398-mooo (6666).

Park Slope/Gowanus has Four & Twenty Blackbirds, a pie shop that tends to be busy. And should you want a special kind of pie on any given holiday place your order, or prepare to wake up early to stand in line and hope that they don’t run out of your selection. The story is that the sisters who started the pie shop began with their grandmother’s recipes. I think now they’ve taken it to a whole new level and are having a great time partnering this and that ingredient for a pie-eating experience that’s indeed memorable.
Four & Twenty Blackbirds at 439 3rd Avenue, Ph: 718-499-2917

We can’t keep talking about food because we’ll find ourselves opening the refrigerator, cupboards, drawers, searchng for that perfect treat. We’ll ponder the goodies at one more place and then think of delicious, nutritious salads.

The whoopie pies at Trois Pommes take me back to my childhood in New England; however, Trois Pommes’ jelly donuts remind me of “the donut man” of long ago who operated a shop in his garage. When the garage door opened it was like stepping into donut heaven. He was an elderly man and was proud of his little donut shop, He’d watch us choose and then we’d watch while he pumped jelly into some of the donuts. And out we’d walk with a big bag of donuts for two dollars. Or was it one dollar? Trois Pommes has jelly donuts only on weekends. They disappear quite quickly – sometimes one is left and so it’s shared, and a jelly donut shared by three people is, well . . . you know what I’m trying to say.
Trois Pommes, 260 5th Avenue, Ph:718-230-3119.

We haven’t really begun to explore all the fine food places of Park Slope and its neighbors. I’m thinking that maybe you’ll enjoy doing that on your own. Up and down the streets you go; take your time, relax, and have a day of pure eating indulgence – a little bit here and a little bit there; a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Have a wonderful day!

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