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Right now Lilou Mace is on a world tour interviewing people who are very much worth listening to. They’re people who have the ability to bring to us an understanding about the things that are now taking place on Planet Earth. Many of us haven’t quite noticed what’s happening to the place we call home. We tend to make ourselves extremely busy, if not with work then with keeping ourselves entertained, and we’ve gotten used to the pain and suffering that exists right alongside of us, and we’ve also gotten used to hearing about abnormal catastrophes taking place worldwide. And we don’t ask what’s going on. The dedicated ones who have studied the causes that have led to our current conditions are trying to wake us up.

Lilou Mace of has been reaching out to these people who are able to give us an understanding of ourselves and Planet Earth. They’re people whose hearts are in the right place, and who love humanity, love Planet Earth, and are dedicating themselves to, well, the only words that come to mind are, creating a far better world.

So, exactly how can we help the world’s situation? For a start, perhaps listening to the well-informed Marcel Messing – listening attentively to what he’s saying as Lilou Mace interviews him (not before going to bed though as there’s a possibility of being awake all night and that wouldn’t serve you well). The video is powerful and it goes deep.

The juicylivingtour website offers us a chance to learn in an easy setting. Some of the people interviewed are well-known, others not. Whichever video you choose, I think it will have you very happyily watching and listening. They’re never dull. So, sit back, relax and enjoy.

There are different viewpoints as to what the future holds for us and Planet Earth. There’s agreement on a few things though: 1) that we do our part in making this world a far better place than it is now by respecting Planet Earth and not allowing it to be destroyed, and, 2) that we do our part in alleviating pain and suffering – the enormous misery – many, many people are enduring. The world doesn’t belong to anyone: therefore, it’s up to all of us to pull ourselves together so that we can make this a far better world for everyone, and at the same time, protect the place that offers all of us an abundance of beauty and sustenance.

Let’s keep these words close to us: love, harmony, beauty, serenity, consciousness, and peace, and let’s never forget who we are.

“But as we rise to higher levels of consciousness – as we attain higher viewpoints of life – then the very laws of nature tend to change also. The electrical phenomena of life change! The energies of life are different. The limitations become fewer. The very ‘facts of life’ change as we rise in consciousness! This is why ‘miracles’ are possible. They are not violations of cosmic law. They are manifestations of higher laws, which become available to higher levels of consciousness.”

“A man’s consciousness is all that he thinks and desires and loves, all that he believes is true and consents to. That is why a change of consciousness is necessary before you can change your outer world.” – Neville

“Peace is a strong vibratory force, and not an inactive passive state of mind which many people associate with it. It is teeming with life and power, and recharges one quickly.”
– Frances Wilshire

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

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