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Have you heard of Barnet Bain? He’s produced and written screenplays for a number of wonderful movies. And he’s making a movie called Milton’s Secret with Eckhart Tolle and Robert Friedman – the writers of the book the movie is based on. Milton’s Secret is a children’s movie. I like children’s movies – a lot of adults do; so we’re in.

Recently I watched Lilou Mace interviewing Barnet Bain on the juicyliving website, and enjoyed hearing words like transformation, spirituality, consciousness being discussed. It was nice!

20131111-122506.jpg Barnet Bain said that Milton’s Secret will have “crowd funding” backing it, therefore, it’ll “stay true to the values in the book . . . ” and he said . . . “The inside of the characters change, unlike hollywood movies where the outside life of the characters change.”

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Now, are you ready for an amazing day? I know I am.

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“If you don’t like the world you see outside, try and perfect the one you find within.”
– Simon Boylan

” . . . Be your own lamp,” he said. “Seek no other refuge but yourselves. Let Truth be your guide.”
– the Buddha (from the movie, The Story of India with Michael Wood)

“You have the answers to every problem in the recesses of your mind. The filters of the world
just get in the way. Feel your inner voice.”
– Kaya Wittenburg

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