that gut feeling

I’ve been in Cuenca, Ecuador a while, and I can say that it’s a nice lifestyle. The city is alive with culture, there are festivals of all kinds, music, restaurants, new foods to taste, inexpensive, sometimes hair-raising, bus rides to north, south, east, west, people eager to meet people, there’s a lot of support, a good medical system in place, lots of possibilities to learn Spanish either with a tutor or at a school, it’s a marvelous walking city, the big mercados are filled to the brim with fresh fruits and vegetables at unbelievable prices, there always seem to be a number of spacious homes and apartments to buy or rent, and, listen to this . . . that’s not all.

Sometimes though one’s heart says it’s time to move on. And as strange as that sounds after just listing the delights of living in Cuenca, that just might be the case. The Quito/Otavalo/Cotacachi area is beckoning. Every time I read or hear about that land north of Cuenca, I imagine what it would be like to live there. It was my original destination before I second-guessed myself, and that says something for listening to one’s gut feeling. Though, Cuenca, thank you, you have been so good to me. Perhaps at heart I’m a vagabond – at least for now.

IMG_1596-3.JPG An invitation to join in the festivities.

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“Just stop! Go in the heart. You can change reality that way. Move from brain to your heart. You can do this very fast. Tune into heart.” – Hira Hosen

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  1. What a fantastic post for a son to read about his Mother’s thoughts. Thank you for sharing this and you know that all of us in the family have been following and enjoying the view as you are on this travelling and living adventure. I am sure Cuenca has been all you said and more and certainly you have touched the people in the area as much as they have touched you.

    I will finish this post with the same essence and advice that I was always given growing up, follow your heart. Live free, live happy, experience and soar!!! It’s a beautiful world out there waiting to be discovered by new eyes.

    Love you Mom & keep us posted with your wonderful posts!

  2. I love your comment, Michael, for more reasons than one, and when I read it I wanted to sit back and simply enjoy your words. I’ll surely keep family posted on the comings and goings of life in Ecuador. I love you, too. 😉

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