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Murder, mystery, writing

My bedtime stories are murder mysteries. It started with the British writer Dorothy Sayres and her Peter Wimsey series – Lord Peter Wimsey, a debonair style and an easy manner – gracefully transporting a reader back to another era. Because I live in Cuenca, Ecuador, when I reached the last page, I had to rely […]

the mutter museum, di bruno, dandelion restaurant/pub, parc restaurant, la colombe

Did I hear you say you’re coming to Philly? Well then, let’s plan a lovely day of maybe a museum and a few places to eat and people watch at the same time. There’s the Mutter Museum of The College of Physicians of Philadelphia. I haven’t been there yet, but whenever I walk by on […]

Marilyn Tam, Robert Holden, and Happiness

  Yesterday was a beautiful sunny and warm kind of day that makes people very happy. And today looks promising. I think, and maybe you do, too, that even the spelling of the word happy looks, well, happy, and I’ve noticed that lately a lot of people are giving that word a great deal of […]

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Is there anyone who doesn’t want radiant health with lots of energy? Do you think this is a silly question? I don’t because a lot of the food we eat is chosen carelessly, and often it’s devoid of nutrition, loaded with toxins, dissipates our energy, and can make us feel and look not quite right. […] and

  If I prepared the scrumptious looking Paleo Coconut Macaroons recipe from www.elanaspantry.comĀ for myself, they’d be gone in a flash. I’ll wait till I’m ready to bake for a few people. Then we can enjoy the macaroons together. Until then, I’ll look at the picture every so often. If you’re looking for different breakfast ideas […]

Sometimes we happen upon a website that simply grabs our attention and doesn’t let go. For the past month for me that website is with Bob Olson. He has been researching the spirit world for twelve years, and in a video on his website, “From Private Investigator to Afterlife Investigator – The True Story” […]

food intolerance

Have you heard of Elana’s Pantry? If not, click right here and treat yourself to, well, you’ll see: If you have an intolerance to any food, maybe you’ll let Elana’s Pantry guide you. Are you sensitive to wheat, soy, corn, or have celiac disease, or in a situation of always having to be on […]


At this time of the year many of us, for different reasons, leave the bright lights and merriment of our own hometown to travel abroad. We go for various reasons: we don’t want to be alone in familiar surroundings, we’re thinking that, at this point in time, we’re not compatible with family, we’re grieving and […]

spices herbs plants

Many of us have just begun to realize the huge benefits of spices, herbs, and plants and allow them into our domain. They’ve always been there for us to learn about and use, though it seems many of us weren’t ready. However, judging from all the information available to us in this decade, we are […]

dolores cannon, john mccarthy, ted j. cibik

Three websites to ponder: There’s a woman out there who has an incredibly interesting story, and listening to it was quite entertaining. If you have about ten minutes to watch her video, what she says might leave you wondering about certain things. Then again, some on google call her a fraud, and others can’t seem […]

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