Marilyn Tam, Robert Holden, and Happiness


Yesterday was a beautiful sunny and warm kind of day that makes people very happy. And today looks promising.

I think, and maybe you do, too, that even the spelling of the word happy looks, well, happy, and I’ve noticed that lately a lot of people are giving that word a great deal of attention. For instance, next to me is a happiness book, and the way it came to me was via my daughter Emi. She recently visited Philly – she arrived with a bag looking like it weighed more than her, and in that bag was a book called the HAPPINESS CHOICE by Marilyn She had bought it at the well-loved by many, Strand Book Store in NYC at 12th Street and Broadway. And when Emi left to catch a Bolt Bus┬áback to NY, the book was somehow left behind, so I got to read it

It seemed like a light-weight, and fast read, but it’s not a book that wants to be read in quite that way. One wouldn’t think that someone who came from a background of abuse, and devoid of any real nurturing, would eventually write the HAPPINESS CHOICE. But it appears that Marilyn Tam came into the world with the ability to understand, to forgive and forget, and to go on to create an extraordinary personal and professional life.


The following is from the HAPPINESS CHOICE by the happiness guru, Robert Holden:

Your Heart’s Prayer
Before you dedicate your life
to a person, a marriage, a family;
to a corporation, a political party, a peace campaign;
to a religion, a revolution, a spiritual path;
make one other dedication first.
First dedicate yourself to LOVE.
Decide to let Love be your intention, your purpose and
your point.
And then let Love inspire you,
support you, and guide you
in every other dedication
you make thereafter.

Make sure you have a happy day!

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