food intolerance


Have you heard of Elana’s Pantry? If not, click right here and treat yourself to, well, you’ll see: If you have an intolerance to any food, maybe you’ll let Elana’s Pantry guide you.

Are you sensitive to wheat, soy, corn, or have celiac disease, or in a situation of always having to be on the look-out – closely examing almost every food item in case it contains the above ingredients? Rest assured support in the form of very appealing cookbooks and websites is in your midst, and enjoyment of eating comfortably without any accompanying distress is in your hands – Elana’s Pantry will prove that to you.

I’m glad I had the presence of mind to jot down her website address because this week after preparing almond milk from 1 cup of almonds (It was a very satisfying activity), I looked at the lovely creamy almond pulp left over from straining, and my question was: What to do with it? That’s when I remembered the Elana’s Pantry website. It was a nice surprise to click on and see mouth-watering recipes for the almond pulp, and so many other kinds of recipes. Definitely it’s no ordinary website; it’s dedicated to helping people.

Also, should you, or anyone you know, have a wheat intolerance, the January/February 2012 issue of Spirituality & Health magazine: has an article titled “What Went Wrong With Wheat” By Matt Sutherland. It’s definitely well-worth reading. As a matter of fact, the entire magazine is.

When looking through some notes on this subject, I found an important article in titled “Goodbye Gluten – Digestive troubles are among myriad health risks for people sensitive to this problematic grain protein.” by Linda Melone. In it she cautions about buying packaged gluten-free foods because they’re “not necessarily healthier than those made with wheat.” as they can cause a rise in blood sugar due to the starches used. The article is chock full of helpful information. Also, the following are not-to-be-missed websites:

We’re always learning in this ever-changing world; it’s a fascinating one, indeed.

Let’s have an outstanding day.