ancient secret of the fountain of youth book 2


It could be that some people might consider not buying ANCIENT SECRET OF THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH because of the title. Though once the book is opened, a treasure trove is revealed. Book 1 tells of how it all began. It’s a marvelous story, almost in the category of a delightful fairy tale. It’s a story that you’ll want to read before picking up Book 2 “A companion to the book by Peter Kelder.”

It’s written in Book 2 about Book 1: “. . . It is not essential for you to read it, but it is highly recommended that you do so. In Kelder’s book you’ll find inspiration and magic that can’t be duplicated here. Many people who read the book cherish the experience and return to reread it again and again.”

There are amazing stories of those adventurers who dared to wander into territory most people thought they could only dream about. And then there are the amazing five rites which are fairly simple to do and which have innumerable benefits. The only way to discover their power is to practice them yourself. It’s one of the few books I took along with me to Ecuador. That’s how much I like the book.

To give you a glimpse of what the five rites do, I’ll quote the inside cover:

“In this book, readers were introduced to the Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation, a series of exercises developed over centuries in the monasteries of Tibet and credited by thousands for everything from increased energy to better memory, weight loss, and just looking and feeling younger. Almost as quickly as the books filtered across the globe, letters began to pour into Harbor Press requesting more information on these mysterious rites. Now more than ten years and two million books later, comes a comprehensive companion volume that addresses the unanswered questions of so many readers.”

It’s good to know what’s in the marketplace so that we can choose what works for us, right? Now, if I could find a normal yoga mat in Cuenca, I’d be on the floor practicing those Five Rites:-)

Someone said, “Have a happy day.” I am; you, too?


It’s Monday! Ready for a fantastic week?
Here’s a tweet for us from as we go along the day creating an outstanding Monday for ourselves and others: FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real
And more: “Fear pretends its protecting you, when actually its preventing you.”


a cleanse, or bread and ice cream?


My son and daughter-in-law, Michael and Alicia, are doing a cleanse. I see their Facebook pictures and read their comments about the weight flying off of them, so to speak. I can imagine the delicious juicing going on in their kitchen.

And I am in Cuenca, Ecuador gaining weight from doing what seems to be a favorite pastime here – eating bread and ice cream. Oh, dear, the temptations are great . . . rarely can you walk down a block without seeing people eating, usually ice cream. Then there’s the passing of one bakery after another on almost every block. Additionally, and unfortunately for me, I met a gringo who told me about Maria’s Alemania at Hermano Miguel 809 y Sucre – it’s all about delicious bread! I could have done very nicely without that information. And to boot, Ecuador has an abundance of luscious fruits, and fruits have their own calories that can add up unless mindful eating is taking place. Ha! – hardly at the moment. So, I’ll say this, right now it’s okay, the enjoyment is nice, and I know how to change it at a moment’s notice . . . when I’m ready.

So, Michael and Alicia, enjoy losing all those toxins and seeing the weight flying off your bodies. Good for you!

As for me, well . . .




I hope you’re having the kind of day that makes your heart sing.

your soul’s plan by robert schwartz


It was rather late last night when I clicked on to and found a video in which Bob Olson is interviewing Robert Schwartz, the writer of Your Soul’s Plan. There are two videos, and it may be wise to listen to the first one first. I saw the title of the book, and read what Bob Olson wrote about its author’s biography, and thought, why not? After that, it didn’t take long before I was nicely settled in and glued to the screen watching, listening, learning – the concept of pre-birth planning is hardly new. Though when Robert Schwartz began digging for the answers to questions that wouldn’t let him rest, he wasn’t expecting the kind of answers that his tireless delving uncovered. Listening to him talk about pre-birth planning seemed natural, and a part of me understood, and was in complete agreement about what he was saying from the get-go. Last night I went to sleep with a big smile covering my entire body. Oh, yes.

It’s fair to say that many of us have many questions about life on earth. The thing is that I haven’t heard life on earth explained in quite this way before. The answers to the questions asked by Bob Olson of Robert Schwartz don’t necessarily veer from what we know; they just seem to profoundly enhance what we know. And it all makes perfect sense. Now, there are a number of very good self-improvement and spiritual books, and videos that, when read or listened to, have you thinking, yes, yes, I understand now. And then a week later you barely remember any of it.

I feel this is different. I could give you a synopsis of the video, but it’s so much better to hear Robert Schwartz’s own words. He speaks articulately, and he has a desire to help us understand so that we can help ourselves, and others, heal and evolve. There’s no need for me to try to explain what he does so beautifully. The following is his website, enjoy.

I hope you thoroughly enjoy it.

Have a wonderful day!

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“If children grew up according to early indications, we should have nothing but geniuses.”
– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
From the book: Enough Already by Alan Cohen

“I am convinced all of humanity is born with more gifts than we know, most are born geniuses and just get de-geniused rapidly.”
– Buckminster Fuller
From the book: Enough Already by Alan Cohen

omraam mikhael aivanhov, neville, maurice nicoll

omraam mikhael aivanhov, neville, maurice nicoll

I read the name Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov on page 22, Issue 30 of WATKINS BODY MIND SPIRIT magazine, and his writings, and what was written about him, made me want to buy his book, A Living Book: Autobiographical Reflections 1 By OMRAAM MIKHAEL AIVANHOV, translated and reviewed by Alison Holmes. Her review can make your soul sing; I can only imagine the joy felt in reading the book of this great Bulgarian born Master. In his lifetime he experienced great hardship, and was grateful for all his experiences; he used them as tools for transformation. I’m itching to quote a passage from the magazine review so that you can have an idea of the kind of man and Master he was. Though choosing from that one page isn’t easy because there’s so much said about him in every line of the review. Okay, here is one: “I know your difficulties; I’ve experienced them. I have been hungry, I have been cold, I have been ill, I had no money, nowhere to stay, been unable to wash myself, been badly dressed, I have had to wait for hours in the corridors of power, I have been continually under the threat of deportation, I have had my name dragged through the mud, have been the target of plots against me, and have been thrown into prison.” And this from Alison Holmes: “His account of some of the trials and tribulations of a great Master are of value to us, because his simple way of expressing how he dealt with them all infuses us with inspiration and gratitude that we have been shown how to deal with our own.”


Some time ago I started reading Neville’s books and what he had to say about his life’s journey. I clicked on to the website and read more about his teachings and books. He was born in Barbados in 1905, and traveled to the United States at age 17 to study drama. He lived an extraordinary life, certain people showed up at certain times in his life as if by divine guidance, and because he followed through on the crux of his teachings and writings, “Imagination creates reality,” he made himself into a remarkable man.

20120729-132735.jpg The above-mentioned website quotes Neville as saying that if he was stranded on a desert island and allowed one book, he would choose The Bible.

Why The Bible? This is what he said: “. . . This changeless principle of expression is dramatized in all the Bibles of the world. The writers of our sacred books were illumined mystics, past masters in the art of psychology. In telling the story of the soul they personified this impersonal principle in the form of a historical document both to preserve it and to hide it from the eyes of the uninitiated. . . .” Neville is not the only spiritual teacher who has expressed these exact sentiments. And he said if he could squeeze in more books, they would be Charles Fillmore’s Metaphysical Dictionary of Bible Names, William Blake, and Nicoll’s Commentaries.


Have you heard of Maurice Nicoll? I haven’t, so I googled his name and was treated to a wonderful short story about his fascinating life. says he was born in Kelso, Scotland in 1884. If you’re looking for a break from the day’s activities, a break that will perhaps cause a slight shift in your thoughts, read, “Maurice Nicoll: Spiritual Giant, Gentle Genius.”


20120729-174739.jpg I copied this from the website: “Maurice Nicoll also had a lighthearted, playful side to his nature. In college his friends were those whose sense of humor and frivolity provided what he would need all of his life. Joy and love of life were among his gifts as well. Indeed, a quotation from Plato, “Serious things can only be understood through laughable things,” was hung in a prominent place in all the homes in which he lived.”

So, why spend time studying the teachings and lives of the above-mentioned people? Because they were willing to do whatever it took to bring themselves to a higher level of consciousness, and didn’t allow themselves to get sidetracked. They knew life holds more than we can ever imagine, and they guided others to do the same.


alejandro junger, m.d., film makers james and laurentine, dr. richard schulze, natural news, well being journal

Is there anyone who doesn’t want radiant health with lots of energy? Do you think this is a silly question? I don’t because a lot of the food we eat is chosen carelessly, and often it’s devoid of nutrition, loaded with toxins, dissipates our energy, and can make us feel and look not quite right. So, taking time to learn about the non-foods that find a way into our bodies helps speed us along on the path to health. Change can be difficult, it’s true; it can also be rewarding. Change tends to be especially difficult when we don’t have a clear understanding of the why and the how-to of it, and exciting when finally we do.

If you haven’t already clicked on to the following, there’s a very good chance you’ll be delighted when you do. Dr. Alejandro Junger sent out an eletter about a documentary film by filmmakers James and Laurentine. I think you’ll really like and appreciate it and the website

And . . . in his book CLEAN he mentioned Dr. Schulze’s website We can access many interesting healing stories from people who say they’re forever grateful to Dr. Schulze for giving them their health back. His website also is packed with possibilities that can lead us to change (not overwhelming though; I don’t do overwhelming). And . . . Dr. Schulze on his website mentioned the following
– also too good to pass over.

We’ve not a thing to lose in checking out these websites, and a whole lot to gain. All we have to do is read, learn, appreciate what they offer, and be happy they’re available. I’m familiar and delighted with all of them and trust you’ll be too.





So, let’s toast to change and to our very good health.

“Doctors who . . . parlay a mere risk factor like cholesterol into something more are misleading the public as well as themselves. . . . Thousands of people die of heart attacks every year who have ‘perfect’ cholesterol. The reverse is also true: people with horrendous cholesterol levels live to advanced old age without suffering any heart problems.” – Deepak Chopra, M.D. In “Healing the Quantum Heart” from Give Yourself Health: Thoughts, Attitudes and Your Health, available at PDF at in “Products/Services” – from Well Being Journal


a retreat, a salon, a bookshop, a book


Sometimes you simply know deep in your bones that being somewhere can only leave a lasting impression on your whole being, if only you can get to that place. That’s how I felt as I listened carefully to philosopher/writer Tim Freke being interviewed by Lilou Mace as they sat on a bench in front of Abbey House on a site with “ancient roots” in Glastonbury UK. Being part of a retreat there with Tim Freke, along with other “explorers,” has to be an incredible experience. His website gives a glimpse of his life’s work. And after reading about the books he’s written and comments from readers, methinks anyone ready for a first-time reading and a retreat in Glastonbury is in for a wonderful wild ride – a WOW! of a ride.

I fondly remember a charming neighborhood restaurant located on Irving Place in Manhattan called Sal Anthony’s, and after many years in business it closed. Then Sal Anthony’s 3rd Avenue Movement Salon opened. And so last week when daughter Sumi said, “I made appointments for us at Sal Anthony’s,” I smiled a broad smile. Sumi is always happy doing Pilates, and It’s reflexology for me in the very capable hands of Ann. Feet that daily pound the pavement love reflexology.
Sal Anthony’s is a different kind of salon. This from the website: “We’re not cool Cool is for gyms where people are obsessed with style and hubris. We believe in order to find balance we need to free ourselves from limits of this sort”

With bodies in fine walking order, we sauntered over to Namaste Bookshop at 2 West 14th Street. It seems that once again small book stores are opening and thriving. Hooray! and judging from the number of customers squeezed into this small place, thriving is the right word. I was looking for The Five Tibetans by Christopher Kilham. It’s also known as the Five Rites of Rejuvenation, and is written about at length in the book, Ancient Secret Of The Fountain Of Youth, Book 2, A companion to the book by Peter Kelder. Think of a retired British officer who went on a spectacular journey, Tibetan lamas, a monastery in the Himalayas, a man named Peter Kelder who was told an incredible story wrapped in ancient mystery, and in writing about it gave the world five simple, graceful, and powerful exercises.

Now the book – I said, “Sumi, I doubt the book is here; I think it’s out of print.” She said, “Ask.” I looked at the shelf where it would be if they had it. “Not there,” I said to no one in particular. Again I heard Sumi whisper, “Ask.” So I did. And there it was on a table that I had passed when entering. As I paid for the book, the two people behind the counter happily announced that the writer of The Five Tibetans will be at the bookshop this coming Friday, 8 June. I smiled. Christopher Kilham has been practicing The Five Tibetans for thirty-five years, and ” . . . he has conducted medicinal plant research in more than 30 countries across 5 continents and the South Pacific.” Imagine an evening spent listening to him at Namaste Bookshop.

******* ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* *******
“Tim Freke’s work is an open door inviting one and all into the Mystery” – Ram Dass author of Be Here Now

“Inspired and clear, The Five Tibetans makes a worthy contribution to body-mind wellness and longevity.” – Dr. Mehmet Oz

“I have done the Five Rites and passed Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth on to many friends over the years. I recommend them without reservation.” – Martin Sheen


food intolerance


Have you heard of Elana’s Pantry? If not, click right here and treat yourself to, well, you’ll see: If you have an intolerance to any food, maybe you’ll let Elana’s Pantry guide you.

Are you sensitive to wheat, soy, corn, or have celiac disease, or in a situation of always having to be on the look-out – closely examing almost every food item in case it contains the above ingredients? Rest assured support in the form of very appealing cookbooks and websites is in your midst, and enjoyment of eating comfortably without any accompanying distress is in your hands – Elana’s Pantry will prove that to you.

I’m glad I had the presence of mind to jot down her website address because this week after preparing almond milk from 1 cup of almonds (It was a very satisfying activity), I looked at the lovely creamy almond pulp left over from straining, and my question was: What to do with it? That’s when I remembered the Elana’s Pantry website. It was a nice surprise to click on and see mouth-watering recipes for the almond pulp, and so many other kinds of recipes. Definitely it’s no ordinary website; it’s dedicated to helping people.

Also, should you, or anyone you know, have a wheat intolerance, the January/February 2012 issue of Spirituality & Health magazine: has an article titled “What Went Wrong With Wheat” By Matt Sutherland. It’s definitely well-worth reading. As a matter of fact, the entire magazine is.

When looking through some notes on this subject, I found an important article in titled “Goodbye Gluten – Digestive troubles are among myriad health risks for people sensitive to this problematic grain protein.” by Linda Melone. In it she cautions about buying packaged gluten-free foods because they’re “not necessarily healthier than those made with wheat.” as they can cause a rise in blood sugar due to the starches used. The article is chock full of helpful information. Also, the following are not-to-be-missed websites:

We’re always learning in this ever-changing world; it’s a fascinating one, indeed.

Let’s have an outstanding day.

detoxing {:-)


You’re not bored with reading about detoxing, are you? I’m posting about this subject again because it’s important to share this particular treasure box. Have you experienced detoxing yet? There’s a marvelous list of things that happen to mind body emotions spirit when we commit to detoxing and to breaking old habits of dependency on foods that don’t serve us well. The detox journey, written about in the book CLEAN by Alejandro Junger, is a perfect guide for 21-days of cleansing. And the CLEAN website allows for connection to a community of like-minded people, and, additionally, a professional and friendly support team is ready to answer any and all questions needing answers.

A list of foods need to be eliminated when beginning the Pre-Cleanse, and the reasons why are thoroughly explained in the book. On the Pre-Cleanse, meals are chosen from the menu section of the book, and three full meals a day are eaten for three days. It’s a nice head start before starting the Cleanse which consists of two liquid meals and one full meal a day. I’m enjoying shopping for, buying, and bringing into my kitchen a delightful array of foods not tried before, and embarking on an unfamiliar way of eating. When first looking at the food selections in the book, I didn’t realize how much fun it would be to completely change a way of eating. Change is good!

Before beginning the program, the thought occurred to me to skip the three-days of Pre-Cleanse, but daughter Sumi said, “I think you should do it.” I’m glad I did; Sometimes it’s good to heed advice. Truthfully, as far as the Pre-Cleanse was concerned, I was ready for ghastly headaches occurring from being deprived of coffee and caffeinated teas. The only thing that happened was being in a state that hovered between foggy head and stupor. It was only for three days though. Of course, everyone will have different experiences.

Today is my third day on the Cleanse (Hallelujai!), and I’m thinking that more of an understanding of body mind emotions spirit is coming into play, and I’m beginning to feel that following the Cleanse to the letter, brings an experience unlike any other.

I think it’s vital to read the book with a fine tooth comb, so to speak, because therein lies the powerful motivation for wanting to do the Cleanse. Once the book is read (and reread throughout the Cleanse), and an understanding of how toxins, sickness, healing, health happen, a whole new world opens up. And that is nothing less than empowering.

I hope your day was all you wanted it to be.

Sweet dreams.

clean by alejandro junger

What can we do for body mind spirit this year that will have a permanent positive impact on our lives, and on Planet Earth?

Perhaps we can start with detoxing. Have you heard of the book CLEAN by Dr. Alejandro Junger? It’s an exquisitely-written book having all that’s needed in the way of information, including recipes. Yes, imagine that, recipes, which means we get to eat while reaping all the benefits of detoxing. in addition, the writer keeps us motivated, there’s plenty of support, and, to boot, he inspires us. What more do we need? Nothing, except commitment on our part. Detoxing is a priceless gift we give ourselves, and I’ve not read a book on this subject quite as interesting and exciting as CLEAN. Alejandro Junger, M.D. is a cardiologist who early in his career went from being a specimen of health to being stressed, bloated, tired, having headaches, and being depressed. He had many good reasons for temporarily chucking everything in search of the cause. And that’s exactly what he did, eventually regaining complete health. He tells us his story so that we can benefit, and learn all the reasons for detoxing (liver, kidneys, gall bladder, colon, etc.). CLEAN, I think, is a labor of love.

It’s been over a year since my daughter Sumi forwarded an email to me with information about Dr. Alejandro Junger, saying that Gwyneth Paltrow had talked about him on her blog, Then this past December, I was on a train heading for Penn Station when my daughter-in-law Alicia called clearly excited about a book called CLEAN, which she had borrowed from a Hot Yoga friend.

And so, it seems like the perfect way to begin implementing a permanent positive impact on ourselves, and then Planet Earth, because when we’re in top shape things become clearer, and that’s putting it mildly.

Clean: The Revolutionary Program to Restore the Body’s Natural Ability to Heal Itself