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Murder, mystery, writing

My bedtime stories are murder mysteries. It started with the British writer Dorothy Sayres and her Peter Wimsey series – Lord Peter Wimsey, a debonair style and an easy manner – gracefully transporting a reader back to another era. Because I live in Cuenca, Ecuador, when I reached the last page, I had to rely […]

Emi and her camera

Daughter Emi’s photos tell a story. She has an eye that captures the essence of a person and place. Most times Emi has her camera with her, and should that not be the case, the phone’s camera and Emi’s eye will more than suffice, because, you see, love and passion take extraordinary pictures. It’s been […]

sadhguru jaggi vasudev

You don’t go to bed with the nightly news on your mind, do you? Uh-oh, that would be like preparing for a night of insomnia, or a restless sleep. Why would you want that? Tell me you’d never think of going to sleep with the nightly news in your consciousness, or anything else of that […]

“The Gig” a Collaboration of musicians and dancers at Steps

I just went to a brilliant event constructed by Whitney G-Bowley, a dancer who while dating a drummer back in college, was inspired to see dance and music live onstage together. Cut to now. January 2011, Steps dance studio on Broadway between 74th and 75th Street in Manhattan. Caleb Hawley is singer/composer/musician of the night […]

new york open center

The New York Open Center has been in the Soho area of NYC for 25 years, and for anyone walking miles of blocks, and tending to all sorts of things in that area, the meditation room and small bookstore is a nice respite. It’ll be different now because they’re heading on up and moving to […]


There are lots of people up and about in the wee hours of a weekend morning though not the people going to or coming from work, but those ready for a whole night of socializing in whatever form that takes. The noises come loud and clear from the streets below and into my apartment. I […]

old photos

I have a collection of photos that need frames. To find the right frame takes time. It’s easy to not hear what’s calling when in a hurry. So, I remember that patience will guide the picture to the right frame. It always does. Recently I inherited pictures that go back to 1918, the 1920’s, 1940’s, […]

before falling asleep

When you think about the world, and the world is as complex as it is, often it’s a struggle to know where to begin. Sometimes at night when I’m in a dark room, just before falling asleep, I think about my cozy surroundings. And then I think of the billions of people there are in […]

completely still

Do you ever go to bed at night completely exhausted and wanting seven or eight hours of sleep, and three hours later you’re still wide awake? Or do you sometimes fall asleep only to wake up refreshed 30 minutes later? You want to have your wits about you when the day begins; however, you think […]

the east river is choppy tonight . . .

It’s foggy and the East River is choppy tonight. Plenty of rain splashing everywhere. The wind screams. Sometimes loudly. Rain is not content to stay outside, there’s a leak between a wall and window in the apartment. Often need to wring three soaking rags to save the floor. Maintenance can’t come this week. The heat’s […]

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