Chocoholics Unite!

This is the time of year the call of chocolate is too strong to resist! Why o why do I not have the power to resist chocolate and sweets in general. I think it could be hormonal… seems to be getting worse over the years.

Dark, milk,white, cakes, cookies, ice cream — I will take it all.. and I love it all. I need some type of repellent to these things — evil, evil, sweets… oh the downfall of all my working out and trying to stay in shape are my addiction to sweets. Give me Godiva, lindt, Haagen-Daaz, or Herseys. 

I have just been told go to the 8th floor of the saks fifth avenue in NYC (the original) and get the expensive chocolate… make sure to go alone so not to have to share the expensive chocolate..

So I am here to say, my name is Alicia and I am a chocoholic. I need help!

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