new york city and philadelphia

Do you need a reminder that the holidays are coming? Just teasing.

Philadelphia is a sweet, doable city. And the information collected at this time as I’m trying to learn about this city is not necessarily written in stone. For instance, someone said there are no movie theaters in center city. But, as I walked on Sansom Street in route to Petulia’s Folly, I happened upon the Roxy Theatre. I was delighted to see this very small theatre looking like it has lots of character. It’s showing three different movies. I’m not up on movies lately, however, this I know – one stars Will Smith, the other is narrated by Sean Penn and is about war (and our government), and I’ve completely forgotten what the third is about. No one wanting to know what’s playing there would be too enlighted by this description, but it’s a hint of what’s playing.

I was in Manhattan this past weekend. It’s crowded there! The tree at Rockefeller Center is dressed beautifully in blue and stops people in their tracks. Saks Fifth Avenue is so congested it’s hard to meander up any aisle, and people stand patiently in line waiting to see the holiday windows. At La Bergamote, 169 Ninth Avenue in Chelsea, I enjoyed a cup of coffee and a duck rillette on the best crusty, non-doughy bread. And at le Gamin, 183 Ninth Avenue, Sumi and I ate tasty salads and delicious soup. I’ve never seen Chelsea Market as busy as it was this past weekend. On Sunday baby Sophie and I walked around Chelsea for one hour. I wanted her to see the world, but, alas, she fell asleep on our way to Integral Market at 227 West 13th Street. After buying onions and celery at the market, we stopped off at Integral Yoga Bookstore to pick up their January & February 2008 catalog. It’s looking good. Check it out at:

Later in the day I caught a bus in Chinatown for $10.00 for the trip back to Philadelphia. It took 50 minutes to get out of the city, and a little less than 2 hours to get to Philly. I’ve got to say that it’s a fast and pleasant ride. There’s no stopping, so, before you know it, you’re in Philadelphia’s Chinatown. Anyone unable to get a reservation anywhere in NYC and wanting to visit NYC should try Philadelphia. I say this because people commute daily from Philly to Manhattan. And, if you catch a bus in NYC around 88 East Broadway, you’ll be back and forth in no time at all. Additionally, you’ll be able to enjoy both cities. There are many hotels and B&B places in Philadelphia. Hopefully, they’ll be a lovely room waiting for you.

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