britney in the limelight

When I click on my laptop, news about Britney manages to surface, and from magazine racks in stores, pictures of Britney manage to surface. So many adult people writing, judging, and photographing her. Time to give it a rest? Let her find herself, so to speak. Are we really a society that takes so much pleasure in watching someone beat themselves up? If we’re not going to assist, then, at the very least, we could refrain from putting her in the limelight where she doesn’t belong at the moment. Perhaps the way to assist is to allow her to live her life in private for now. Give her time to sort things out for herself. And that’ll give us all a chance to do the same for ourselves – cause when we’re so busy with someone else’s life, we’re not really paying attention to our own. And why are we so involved in scrutinizing someone else’s life? Who’s responsible for keeping all this going?

As supposedly evolving human beings we could be asking ourselves questions that bring us to other places, different ways of thinking, and far better ways of living. We humans could be, can we say, should be, concentrating on becoming all that we can be. Knocking people down whether it be with pen and paper, camera, or fist doesn’t feel right.

On another note is Louise Hay’s movie, YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE. We can “Watch a Preview of Louise’s New Movie at

Let’s do it. Yeah!

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