lainie and miro liberti

It’s raining, it’s pouring . . . and It’s 10:00pm and I was just reading an article by Cathy Brown at about a mother and her 13 year old son who have been traveling for three years and have no intention of stopping. You can enjoy a wonderful article at . Yes, indeed, how vastly different life would be for many of us if we would just let go of our fears and . . . “Trust, trust, trust.” Imagine that! That’s exactly what Lainie and Miro do.

That would be a delightful dream tonight – living without fearing. . . .

Sweet dreams.

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  1. The pleasure was all mine, Lainie and Miro. I think you’re two extraordinary people, and that you are both manifesting magic in the way you think, what you say, and in the way you’ve chosen to live.

    Yes, dreams of exploration and adventure . . . for all of us. Best to both of you, Frances

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